My name’s Daniel, I’m a Graphic Designer currently based in Australia. I've worked in the film and television industry for over 9 years.

As a Graphic Designer in film and TV, it's my job to oversee all printed and screen visuals, from start to finish. Including breaking down the graphic elements in the script, working out how best to achieve the requirements as well as designing, printing and installing the work. The graphic work changes from job to job but generally includes designs for fictitious brands and their products (alcohol labels, newspapers, magazines, snacks), signage, vehicle vinyls, paperwork, screen graphics, websites etc. Due to copyright, a lot of what is seen on screen has been designed on the project.

I have over 5 years worth of experience as an Art Department Coordinator (from small to large scale productions). I've also worked in the Graphic Designer role for over 4 years, however graphics has always been a passion and I've enjoyed working on graphics for jobs since starting in the industry.

I enjoy working interstate and overseas and have been lucky enough to work in London, the UAE and Jordan. 

Feel free to get in touch if you'd like to discuss future opportunities.